The best 4K Smart TVs, User Reviews, Top Brands Price Ranges and Featues

When picking between different ultra HD TVs, it’s the extra features that’ll make all the difference. In my reviews I found huge differences in sound systems, remote controls, user interfaces, and, frankly, the general look of the product are often better deciding factors than picture quality.

Should you buy one now? Well, 8K TVs are coming – the first were shown off at the IFA tech conference in August this year. However, they’ll inevitably take a year or two to launch, and as with any new tech, they’re almost guaranteed to be exorbitantly expensive for quite some while. I’d say you’re safe sticking to ultra HD for the time being.

The unstated truth about the best 4K televisions that none of the manufacturers want you to know is that, in terms of visuals, they’re basically quite similar.

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