Best 4k TVs in India, User Reviews, Price Comparison

If you are looking for the best 4K TVs available now, then you can consider one from this list. User Reviews, price of all top brands and models

Sony A8F

Sony’s flagship OLED is the same as the A1 launched in 2017 with a new design. Sony took a fantastic OLED TV and gave it a new form factor. The TV can play any 4K content in HDR 10 and Dolby Vision beautifully.


LG’s 2018 offering sees some improvements in picture quality when compared to its 2017 brethren. However, the biggest addition has to be AI to its already fluid WebOS.


Sony’s 2017 flagship OLED TV has all the same features and performance as the A8F. The only difference is that the A1 has a kickstand design which makes the TV tilt back.

Sony Z9D 65-inch 4K HDR TV

The Sony Z9D got the Zero1 Award from us this year. When money isn’t a concern, the Z9D is the best television to buy. Sony’s new Backlight Master Drive technology allows more control over the backlights, creating higher contrast, and better blacks.

LG Signature OLED

The LG Signature OLED has the potential to beat out Zero1 Award winner. Unfortunately, the first review unit we got, had clear image burn issues, while the second one never made it in time for testing.

Samsung QLED Q8C

The Samsung QLED Q8C is meant for those who spend on the televisions and want to create an attractive media center in their home. It is better than the company’s SUHD televisions

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